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Sport and Recreation

Macka’s Sand and Soil is experienced at supplying sporting fields, race tracks, playgrounds, and general open spaces with the right product to establish and maintain a public facility. The Open Spaces, Recreation and Amenities Industries can rely on the processing, testing and consistent quality of Macka’s supplies. The site is open extended hours to ensure delivery is on time, every time.

Mackas washed sand has been used for the Turf Grass Industries, golf course green construction, tennis, volley ball, polo fields, soft fall sand for sand pits, race sand for horse tracks, and full stadium construction.

Macka’s Turf Underlay and Top Dressing is free draining, stable, and tested by an independent laboratory.

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Golf Courses have benefitted from Macka’s Sand and Soil products throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area and the Hunter/Newcastle region. In partnership with the experts at Vieband Pty Ltd, WM sand has been specifically designed for golf course application is available through that company. It has been tested to the USGA standard for rootzone mix , which is the most exacting benchmark available.

Racecourses require maintenance to ensure a safe ground for horses and their human companions. Macka’s Sand and Soil supplies high quality product to specification for the track and surrounds.

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