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COVID-19 Lockdown in Newcastle Area 5.8.2021 5.00pm 
Please click here to access the NSW Government 

Loading Times Update 11.03.2021

Salt Ash hours 
Monday – Thursday    6.00AM to 6.00PM Last load at 5.30pm
Friday   6.00AM to 5.00PM Last Load at 4.30PM
Saturday   6.00AM to 12.00PM (Noon) Last Load at 11.30AM
Sundays and Public Holidays    Closed

Williamtown hours
Monday – Thursday    5.00AM to 10.00PM Last Load 9.30PM
Friday   5.00AM to 10.00PM Last Load 9.30PM
Saturday   5.300AM to 12.00PM (Noon) Last Load 11.30AM
Sundays and Public Holidays    Closed


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 11.01.2021

We require all staff, visitors and truck drivers to scan out QR Codes through out the sites.  We have now changed to the RMS QR Code. This is to keep  safe protocol in place.


At Macka’s we value the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers. Currently we are actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID19) situation and we are implenting our business contingency plans to keep our employees and sites safe.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what we are doing to make sure we are reducing the risk of spreading the virus across our sites.

From today onwards we ask that Sales Representatives and visitors please not visit our site to help reduce the risk of spreading this virus by implementing social distancing. All Inductions will be processed via a email link and all washing out of trucks must be carried out using gloves.  

Please be aware that we are more than happy to continue to do business with you as usual over the phone.

During this time of uncertainty we appreciate your understanding and cooperation and look forward to things getting back to a sense of normality.

Update from the World Heath Organisation click to view updates


A container of sand shipped off to Asia

Macka’s Sand and Soil have shipped the next container of premium sand off to Asia. Although the operational logistics were a challenge initially, now Macka’s has a simple and smooth system to send sand where it needs to go.


Child’s Play in Australia’s biggest sandpit – Volvo Magazine features Macka’s Sand and Soil

Volvo puts the spotlight on some of their more interesting and progressive clients in their feature magazine. In the attached publication, they researched Macka’s Sand and Soil. The photography is fantastic and the article includes detailed information on the business.


Macka’s sand and soil staff travel to Asia.

Robert Mackenzie traveled with a group of his skilled staff to Malaysia, Thailand, India, China, and Hong Kong. They strengthened existing ties with clients while forging new friendships in the resource sector.

Robert said, “I went as an ambassador for Macka’s Sand and Soil as well as the Australian sand industry as a whole. Links were made with some fantastic people and, I believe, based on mutual respect and understanding. In fact, I had a great time and learned a lot, not just about the Asian industry, but about their rich cultures as well.”

Macka’s provides a premium and highly sought after product used for the glass and foundry industry.

The first two images on the right show quartz from India being discussed on site.

The subsequent photos show Macka’s Sand and Soil representatives with Chinese industry negotiators.

For more information on the shipping capabilities of Macka’s Sand and Soil, call +61 49826227 or visit our contact page to send an email.

Macka’s Sand and Soil Supplies supply sand for oversea’s export.

Robert Mackenzie completed the supply of sand for export to oversea’s company James Hardie International.