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Easter Holidays 2019
The 2019 Easter Holidays are at your doorstep again and is time for reflection, resolutions, and turning over a new leaf.

Sites will be closed on the 19th, 20th, 21st 22nd and 25th April 2019

We will be open as normal the 23 and 24th April.

Full operational from the 26th April 2019


Medowie Roundabout Upgrade
Medowie Roundabout is having an upgrade. This will be from the 7th February 2019 Starting the first stage there will be 6 Stages with completion date 7 June 2019.
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Bushfire updates 23.11.2018 

Roads all reopen and back burning was completed on Saturday 24.11.2018

Roads Open for Nelson Bay Rd and Richardson Road @ 4.59pm

Roads closed from Newcastle, Raymond Terrace, and Corlette @ 2.35PM

The road has re-opened on Nelson Bay Road as of 10.23am

Live Traffic updates – https://www.livetraffic.com/desktop.html

We have been informed that Nelson bay road should be open in 2 hours as of 7.56am 23.11.18.
Please find the link above for updated information from the RFS.

NSW Rural Fire Service Updates can be view here


A container of sand shipped off to Asia

Macka’s Sand and Soil have shipped the next container of premium sand off to Asia. Although the operational logistics were a challenge initially, now Macka’s has a simple and smooth system to send sand where it needs to go.


Child’s Play in Australia’s biggest sandpit – Volvo Magazine features Macka’s Sand and Soil

Volvo puts the spotlight on some of their more interesting and progressive clients in their feature magazine. In the attached publication, they researched Macka’s Sand and Soil. The photography is fantastic and the article includes detailed information on the business.


Macka’s Sand and Soil staff travel to Asia.

Robert Mackenzie traveled with a group of his skilled staff to Malaysia, Thailand, India, China, and Hong Kong. They strengthened existing ties with clients while forging new friendships in the resource sector.

Robert said, “I went as an ambassador for Macka’s Sand and Soil as well as the Australian sand industry as a whole. Links were made with some fantastic people and, I believe, based on mutual respect and understanding. In fact, I had a great time and learned a lot, not just about the Asian industry, but about their rich cultures as well.”

Macka’s provides a premium and highly sought after product used for the glass and foundry industry.

The first two images on the right show quartz from India being discussed on site.

The subsequent photos show Macka’s Sand and Soil representatives with Chinese industry negotiators.

For more information on the shipping capabilities of Macka’s Sand and Soil, call +61 49826227 or visit our contact page to send an email.


Macka’s Sand and Soil Supplies supply sand for oversea’s export.

Robert Mackenzie completed the supply of sand for export to oversea’s company James Hardie International.