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Local Projects

Hunter Stadium Pitch Upgrade

The Hunter Stadium spent $1.3 million on a project to resurface the pitch. It was completed in November 2014, meaning world-class facilities were ready for Australia’s biggest ever football tournament, AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015.  HG Sports Turf worked on delivering an international standard pitch which is now ready for use again the year round. Their window for installing the new pitch was very narrow as the field is booked out round the calendar. Macka’s Sand and Soil were able to deliver the right product on time to ensure the schedule was strictly adhered to and the quality was there. The sand has been developed for excellent root zone growth was installed to provide drainage and stability on the field. 

For more information the specialised products for turf and playing fields, see the product page.

The Newcastle and Hunter Region Road Transport Awareness Day

Macka’s Sand and Soil Supplies make it a regular project to support an essential part of the transport and health connection vital to the community in which they operate. The Newcastle and Hunter Region Road Transport Awareness Day is currently held on the first Sunday in November and promotes greater awareness and knowledge of the road transport industry and its position within the community at the same time as promoting safety. The proceeds of the day go to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

The Newcastle and Hunter Region Road Transport Awareness Day Group (NHRRTAG) was formed back in 1994 under direction from the Road Transport Forum (now known as the Australian Trucking Association).  The first Road Transport Awareness Day activity was held in Civic Park Newcastle with a small number of trucks on display.  In the following years, the day linked with the Newcastle Mattara Parade and the initial small group grew to a larger convoy with a display following after the parade before changing to become a special purpose day held around the Horseshoe Beach area at the Newcastle Foreshore following a parade that began at Sandgate.  Support continued to grow and the event relocated to its current position at Newcastle Foreshore Park. The community is able to appreciate and understand the scope of the industry and also participate in the various events and demonstrations which occur throughout the day. 

The continuing success of the day has financially benefitted the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. The sponsorhip dollars to this service have increased each year.

Newcastle Jockey Club

Macka’s Sand and Soil were engaged by the NJC during the construction of the sand and synthetic ProRide tracks at Broadmeadow Racecourse.  The materials used by Macka’s Sand and Soil for both tracks is of the highest quality, and has proven to be the ideal mix for the superior training surfaces at the NJC. 

NJC’s Racetrack Operations Manager Peter Birch said “Macka’s Sand and Soil 70/30 blend is the product of choice used by NJC for divet filling and top dressing of the Course Propers at both Broadmeadow and Cessnock Racecourses, and can be relied upon under all usage and weather conditions”.

McDonald Jones Homes

McDonald Jones Homes have partnered with Macka’s Sand and Soil for the best part of 17 years because they have consistently provided the best possible product and service to help transform new home builder’s dreams into a reality. Not only do the team at Macka’s share a similar family-based ethos to McDonald Jones Homes, both companies are committed to WH&S in the way they operate and have always done their bit to make sure our homes are finished on time and to excellent standards.  

Rehabilitation using the Eucalypts Koalas love

Macka’s Sand and Soil supplies has run a rehabilitation program planting thousands of Eucalypt sp on the land they manage. Good stewardship is essential to the company and broader local community so Macka’s enlisted the support of the local experts at Oakvale Farm and Fauna World, a local company renowned for their koala breeding success and conservation efforts. Together, the businesses managed to revegetate essential tracts of land for the stability of the local area and long term health of the flora and fauna.

With careful management, the thousands of trees planted by hand are flourishing on the land managed by Macka’s Sand and Soil Supplies.

Steve McMasters, an employee of Macka’s, is pictured here enjoying planting the young trees.