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Landscape and Horticulture

Macka’s Sand and Soil Supplies has a range of products to cater for the Landscape construction and Horticultural industries.

Macka’s Garden Mix is a useful general blend that can be installed into residential or commercial garden situations. Developed as a result of laboratory recommendations, it’s a mix of sand organics and loam and can be made to job site specifications.

Download general test information here.

Playgrounds are extremely popular to their main audience, children, when the undersurfacing is covered in sand. Natural playground material is extremely important as an addition to play equipment as it provides a tactile and therapeutic material for recreation. Macka’s Sand and Soil have their soft fall sand tested to AS/NZ 4422 The Australian Standard for Playground Undersurfacing by a reputable external laboratory. The product complies with the standard when installed at the recommended depth.

Download the test results here.

Macka’s Turf Underlay and Top Dressing is available tested to two general mixes. Both are suitable for use in establishing and maintaining turf areas and can be relied upon for excellent permeability and stability. Macka’s turf range has established sporting arenas, golf courses, race tracks, and general residential lawn areas.

Download information sheets here – 70/30 Blend80/20 Blend