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Civil Engineering and Construction Material Applications

Macka’s Sand and Soil can provide a sustainable and consistent supply of sand to small and large projects and we can customise our sand products to meet client and project specifications and requirements.

At Macka’s we produce an extensive range of high quality construction sands from our deposits that service the construction, horticultural and agricultural industries.

The application table below provides links to the appropriate product data for each application.


Concrete Sand

Macka’s Sand Product

Washed sand and screened sand

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 Concrete Sand


Premixed concrete fine aggregate, concrete sand, mortar, and grout, packaged products where colour control is critical or decorative aesthetics are required.

Asphalt Sand

Screened sand

Constituent for bulk asphalt, patch mix and other bituminous applications

Sewer Pipe Sands

Sand for pipe embedment

Stormwater Pipe Sands

Pipe Bedding (PB)

Haunch (HS)

Side & Overlay (SOS)

Used to bed plumbing pipes, fill around pipes and under slabs and pavers

Filtration Sand


Pool filtration, water purification

Masonry Sand

Screened sand

For the manufacture of blocks and pavers

Electrical Trench Sand


For protection of buried electrical cabling with excellent electrical and thermal resistivity

Gas Application Sand


Road Construction Sand

Construction Layers

Bio Retention Systems

Filter Sand

Transition Sand Layer

Drainage Sand Layer

Filter Sand

As per request

As Per request

Residential, commercial and industrial developments, specialised stormwater and drainage projects

General Filter Sand

Filter Sand

Pool filtration, water purification

Turf & Topping

Turf Underlay & Top Dressing Sand

Top dressing greens, golf course construction, sand based sports fields, landscape parklands

Wisconsin Mound Construction

Wisconsin Sand

For the construction of Wisconsin Mounds.

Please Note: The information provided in this product guide should be used as a guide only. For further details or for design and application support, please contact us.