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Bioretention basins and Wisconsin mounds

Bioretention basins are placed on sites where stormwater runoff and contaminants need to be controlled. These landscaped depressions are designed to slow and treat runoff. Proper filtration and remediation can contribute to the rehabilitation of sites that have been disturbed by construction works, development, erosion or mining. Macka’s Sand and Soil has produced a specilised product that succefully filters these contaminants and arrests the flow of water runoff.

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Wisconsin Mounds are sand filled mounds that are designed to treat human wastewater. The Sydney Catchment Authority has a useful information sheet with the details for designing and implementing these useful structures at www.sca.nsw.gov.au. The idea is named after the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America, however, it has been implemented successfully in other countries including Australia.

Macka’s Sand and Soil has developed a specific product that can be used in the construction of these naturally shaped wastewater management systems. The mound is made from pressure dozed sand on slow filtering clay.

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